How Many Reasons Are You Going to Hell for?

Thousands of Occupy Wall Streeters marched following the Rose Bowl Parade this year, and I believe it went well. From what I saw, more faces in the crowd were receptive to the movement than opposed, which is encouraging. Still, that doesn't stop a lot of critics from saying it isn't an appropriate place to protest corporate power in America (at a parade where most floats have a corporation's name prominently displayed, no less) and others who just don't like that it "breaks tradition". The truth is that demonstrators have been permitted to follow the last float for several years now, but usually it's just a couple dozen nuts who are intolerant in the name of Jesus. So unless you think it's a shame that cheers of "God hates fags!" were drowned out, there really shouldn't be any objections.

I have a fun game: look at the sign and tell me how many reasons you're going to hell. I fit 9/30 categories (of those that I understand - what do some of those even mean?), which leads me believe that I'm already in too deep with the devil to repent. Knowing a few bloody thirsty women, I bet some of you are even more damned than me.

What's your score?

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Lisa said...

10, but I'm pretty sure adulterer and fornicator are damn near the same thing. Hilarious that Wiccans and Pagans are completely ignored, you'd think that they'd be right up there with Mormons and Buddhists, but I guess not today.

And just to clarify does being blood thirsty mean you kill or maim people, or does it mean you're a vampire?