When Freelancing Gigs Collide

As a writer for a plastic surgery website, I don't just look at boobs a lot, I get paid to look at boobs a lot. I'd still prefer health insurance, but as far as job perks go, not too shabby. Today, for example, I was collecting photos of enlarged boobs for a story I wrote, dragging them onto my desktop to sort through later.

Then I switched gears to work for another employer. While a coworker trained me on how to use a new piece of software over Skype, he asked me to screenshare so he could talk me through the steps. I accepted, and it wasn't until several minutes later that I realized he could see the boobs in the background.

If it were porn, I would have thought about it beforehand, and covered that shit up! But since these breasts are "work", it didn't cross my mind initially. And now this coworker totally thinks I'm a pervert. Don't think that just because I don't work in an office people don't gossip. It's actually even easier to talk behind someone's back when you don't have to literally see his or her back.

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