"You have devastatingly blue eyes," Kelly told me recently, while greeting me at a cookout. (I think it was a compliment?) "How have I never noticed this before?"

After some discussion, we realized that even though we've hung out dozens of times, this was the first occasion that we were together in the daylight, and one of the only times that did not occur in a dimly lit bar. What does this say about my social life? That I can form good friendships with people revolving almost entirely around booze and dark rooms, to the extent that they don't even recognize me in the daylight?

This is a shame! Granted, I'm an oblivious person, so even if my friendships were to take place exclusively in the daylight, I wouldn't be able to tell what color my friends eyes are. For example, I have no idea what Kelly's eye color is; it never even occurred to me check even after we had a whole conversation about eye color. Nonetheless, the fact that some of my friends might not know what my eye color is despite the fact that they're DEVASTATINGLY blue is practically a tragedy. I have to reassess my social life.


Midwestdeception49 said...

You should probably wear sunglasses unless you want to devastate someone into hardcore romance, dude

Kevin said...

Midwestdeception49 is my favorite commenter on this blog. The rest of you need to step your game up.