No Thank You

Yeah, Cameron, your summer sounds terribly busy. Baseball? How do you manage?! I'm surprised you even had time to write this note of gratitude what with all of the batting and catching you've been doing.

Maybe next year you should skip baseball and opt for summer school. "Bout"? Looks like someone's been more concerned with clothing than spelling.

As nice as it would be to get back in touch with you, Cameron, I won't be holding my breath. This note could have been a way to reconnect, yet you could barely be troubled to write even 4 sentences, 3 of which began with "I". Why not ask about how I am doing? Or am I just some nameless benefactor who "bout" you a "giftcard" and doesn't deserve the courtesy of a "Dear __" greeting? Addressing me would have even added to the word count - don't think I didn't notice your handwriting getting progressively larger to fill up space on the card.

Don't expect shit from me next year, Cameron.

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