Sensing Evil

Standing outside while conversing at a party, several of us kept finding ourselves in the dark. The motion sensor light that illuminated our area turned off frequently, but it was fickle and pretty arbitrary in what would turn it back on. We would jump up and down and wave our arms to no avail, only to later have someone bend over to itch, causing the light to return.

On one occasion of prolonged darkness, we tried everything short of doing the hokey pokey to make the light return, but after no success, we resigned ourselves to just chatting in the dark. Then, an unfamiliar long-haired guy who had been sitting alone and silently in a broken rocking chair nearby stood up. As he walked by, the light picked up on his movement and finally turned back on. Before we could even thank him, he told us, "It only turns on when it senses evil."

We laughed - a bit awkwardly because he seemed sorta creepy - but it was also genuinely funny. However, rather than saying "just kidding" or staying to prove he was actually friendly as I would have done in the situation, he just walked away, leaving his "evil" line to just linger.

I encountered someone who is either the personification of evil or really knows how to commit to his jokes.

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