Alex the Golden Goddess

A few years ago, I picked up a bad habit of watching the UK's version of Big Brother. If you ever catch me talking with a British accent for no apparent reason, it's because I've been watching this show so much (it's on every day!) that it seeps into my brain.

My favorite character this season is Alex. She's not funny, she's not smart, she doesn't say much, and - objectively - her appearance is pretty unfortunate. In no way would she normally be put on television, but for that very reason she becomes compelling. In that respect, Alex is the perfect example of "so wrong, it's right" casting.

It's fun to watch her just kind of hover around the interesting people, not knowing how to interact like a normal person. But this clip takes the cake: Big Brother is fucking with her in a so-funny-I-had-trouble-breathing way. WATCH THIS CLIP!

The gist is that, for a challenge, Alex must say yes to whatever Big Brother asks. I love how her fellow housemates figure out what's going on almost immediately, but it still takes Alex far too long to get it. That her housemates are dicks enough to say things like "Healthy glow," "It really suits you," and "It's like she jumped in a pool of shit or something" while laughing makes it even funnier.

And don't worry, you don't need to feel guilty about laughing at Alex. If I know the British public (and I do at this point), she will walk away from this show adored. The Brits don't like a woman who has intelligence, charm, opinions, or looks; fortunately, none of these apply to Alex. She's bound to become an antihero.

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