Today, Kat forwarded me an email in which someone had misspelled the word "hamster". Ever since I teased her years ago for making a sign about a lost "hampster", she's been a bit defensive about the whole thing. Indeed, I know that a lot of people think hamster has a "P" in it. Look no further than Your Open Book, which allows you to search the statuses of people who don't put restrictions on their Facebook pages. It turns out that even people who love "hampsters" have no idea which type of animal they own.

I should probably censor their names, but there's no use in protecting the dumb. I say that not just because they misspell hamster, but because they don't utilize their Facebook privacy settings.

Remember this helpful learning device, friends: If you put a P in hamster, the hampster will pee on you.

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KirstB said...

Thank you for sharing this hilarious site. I searched for "liberry", haha.

Hilarious, though shit, I have to go check my privacy settings on facebook, just in case.