It's an Abortion

My friend Amy came into town last night and she mentioned that she was famous on Tumblr. At first I was like, "You have a Tumblr?" She doesn't, but a photo of her has been making the rounds, accumulating 2,714 notes. After just one look at the photo, it was obvious why.

To clarify, no, Amy didn't have an abortion, though the party was meant to cheer up someone who had had an abortion five years prior. Also, Amy claims the "Kill" shirt was a mistake. It's her favorite shirt so she wears it all the time, and she didn't even realize its tacky nature for the occasion until after the photo hit the internet. Granted, that sounds like a pretty big accident to make, but so is an unplanned pregnancy.

As for how it started getting circulated on Tumblr, your guess is as good as hers. She only found out about it hundreds of reblogs later when her friend saw the photo on the blog of an out-of-state friend who didn't know Amy. It's a small world after all; even smaller after reblogs... and abortions.

I'm getting a kick out of reading all of the comments. Many think it's hilarious, many others think it's hilarious but wrong, and still others think it's fucked up. I'm partial to the comments that label her a dyke who had an abortion. You know how lesbians are always having abortions!

I'm not sure that I'd want to be famous for something like this photo, but I'm so proud to know someone who is!

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KirstB said...

I love that Amy's repping Baltimore with some Natty Bo, nice.