With Arms Outstretched

I just found out Rilo Kiley broke up and I'm kind of devastated. I mean, sure, it seemed as if the band's better years were behind them, but people probably said the same of them after they were child stars in Troop Beverly Hills and Salute Your Shorts, and, through music, they managed to prove their merit once again, so I'm not ready to let go of that hope for more great things.

Not that the news is that much of a surprise: Rilo Kiley has been on a "break" for years now. The media often compared Rilo Kiley to Fleetwood Mac, not just because of their catchy pop music, but because of their behind-the-scenes personal drama. When a band is led by a pair of exes, it's obviously going to have a shelf life. But throughout what must have been years of tension, they put out some beautiful songs full of truth and wit.

Consequentially, I'll be playing Rilo Kiley on repeat for the near future. Here are my five favorite songs:

1. The Frug

2. With Arms Outstretched

3. A Better Son/Daughter

4. Silver Lining

5. Go Ahead

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Katie Jones said...

Their best years were definitely behind them (2001-2004ish), but I agree that there's beauty in their truth and wit. Jenny Lewis, at least, is still a gem even though her music with Johnathan Rice is not quite on par with Rilo Kiley.

Glad to have stumbled upon this post!