No matter who the host is at bar trivia each week, Ilana inevitably gets in a fight with him because she has a big mouth. And a big nose. Actually, she doesn't have a big nose at all, but I'm trying to find a way to segue into the fact that she's Jewish. Don't get offended yet - it gets worse.

So the very first trivia question of the night is about the "skull caps" of Jewish people, and the guy pronounces the answer, yarmulke, phonetically because Hebrew is a difficult language. Ilana heckles him and his lack of Yiddish knowledge, and he apologizes for being Mormon. I mean, I think he was fake apologizing just for being not Jewish, but maybe he was actually apologizing for being Mormon. You'd have to ask him.

Later, Ilana gets in another disagreement over a question with the host, and she calls out that he's an anti-Semite. This accusation led to a little bit of tension, but the game pushes on.

Finally, it's time for the last question, and the host announces that our team is going to love this round: name the top ten countries that have the greatest number of Jewish people. Now it's time for Ilana to put her money where her big mouth is and cough up some answers, which she's pretty good at, but she argues that Germany doesn't have many Jews following the Holocaust. I, however, disagree and say the accidentally most offensive thing I've ever said: "Yeah, but the Nazis didn't kill enough of them."

For the record, I meant it like "The Nazis didn't kill enough Jewish people to remove them from the top ten," but of course it wasn't interpreted as such. So now I've been labeled an anti-Semite, too.

When the answers were read, Germany was in fact in the top ten. So I was right! And yet so, so wrong.

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