Snakes on a Plane, Motherfuckers

Last Thursday, ten of us went to the world premiere of Snakes on a Plane. I've been a huge fan of this movie more than a half year before it debuted when Alec told me about the premise. I preemptively loved it so much that my last college essay was ten pages on the impending beauty of SOAP for my Media Audiences & Fans class.

In case it warrants explanation, Snakes on a Plane is meant to be the most ridiculous spectacle. Therein lies its appeal. Why are there snakes on a plane? I'm expecting a plot that never fully answers this question. Rest assured - it does not!

Ten of So. Cal's finest went to the big event. Wearing homemade masks and carrying rolling airplane toys from the 99 cent store, we took the premiere by storm. Hassled by security, we still managed to get a glimpse of Samuel L. Jackson (holding a snake, no less) and whoever the hell else was in the motherfucking movie.

We couldn't get into the premiere premiere, so we settled for seeing the next showing at the same theater, Mann's Chinese Theater, or as Wes misunderstood it, Chinaman Theater. Everyone in attendance was freaking crazy, either screaming or hissing at the screen throughout the film. If you haven't seen SOAP in an interactive setting, you haven't really seen the movie. We were filmed as we watched the movie, and if you've seen the commercial that shows an audience watching the flick, you might be able to pick us out. (I haven't seen the ad myself, but Celeste has.)

Best. Movie. Ever.

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Alec said...

I can't believe I was the first person to have mentioned this to you. I never realized I was so cutting edge.