Instead of lesson planning, I appropriately opted to watch the movie Slackers. In a feat of irony, I fell asleep watching the film - probably because it sucked. Still, I had the most amazing dream. Though I generally dream about mundane topics, this time I dreamt that I was an inanimate object: a cocktail at some sort of party attended by senior citizens. I think I was a martini. No one ever took a sip from me, but I was held ornamentally by a few different affluent elderly people pretending to wax intellectually about politics and others' social inferiority. At a couple of points, I would be set down on a table, only to be picked up by another person mistaking me for eir own drink, so I was able to observe multiple conversations and travel about the mansion.

Eventually, all of the conversation turned to the annoying music playing in the background. Indeed, there was some sort of crappy techno song with some voice muttering something about cheese. I was doing my best to ignore the music, but the old people finally couldn't handle it anymore, so I realized I was going to have to become more animate and proactive than a martini and turn off the music if I wanted to continue enjoying this dream.

At that point, I woke up, realizing that Slackers had ended and the DVD menu had been playing this song on loop for, according to my roommates twenty minutes. That annoying ditty ruined what might have been my most fascinating dream in ages.

One day, I hope to be a martini again.

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