Pick Pink for a More Slender Look

So I'm puttering about on the internet as people are want to do when they're bored and I notice an advertisement flashing in the margin.

There's nothing like weighing in on celebrities' eating disorders for sport.

You have to wonder if Lindsay Lohan knows her image is being used in this context or if she ever takes a break from snorting coke long enough to care. She looks awful. Then again, that might be the point. It's hard to tell. It likes someone stretched the photo to emphasize her thinness.

I'm curious if there is a "right" answer to the question posed: can you only win this coveted pink cellphone if you pick a certain answer? "You can't be too skinny" is probably the response of choice for those silly enough to want a pink cellphone. Would any practical individual thinking "who cares?" actually take the time to select that option?

I want to just avert my eyes altogether and yet I... must... win... pink... cellphone.

If you ask me, Lindsay Lohan's problem is not that she's too skinny, but that she looks like an 80 year old woman. Are we sure that's not a picture of Ellen Burstyn?

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