Language Arts: Reading and Whiting

Teachers are milling about. I randomly make eye contact with another person, which means, whoops, now we have to do the introduction thing.
L: "Hi, I'm Larry*."
K: "Hi, I'm Kevin."
L: "Good to meet you."
K: "You, too. You teach dog grooming*, right?"
L: "Yup, I'm the only one. What do you teach?"
K: "Language Arts."
L: "I'm like the only Asian guy here, so it'll be easy to remember me."
Actually, my best teacher friend so far is the other Asian guy; not wanting to brag, I simply nod.
L: "There's a lot of you guys, though!"
K: (stuttering) "I... wha... you mean white people?"
L: "No, Language Arts."
K: "Oh, right. Yeah."
We both nod enthusiastically. Awkward!

*details have been changed

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