13 Dead End Dri-Hump

Wes moves out tomorrow and I'm bummed big time. Living with him for the past two months has been positively swell. Sure he'll be only three minutes away, but after the privilege of being separated by just a wall, it just can't compare.

Jessica and I love playing the board game 13 Dead End Drive. One night we left it out on the kitchen table overnight. The next morning, we found that the pieces were not how we had left them. At first we decided that the fan must have blown them into funny positions, but then we realized that the positions seemed a little too deliberate:

As we soon discovered, Wes took some liberties with the pieces and turned the boobytrapped mansion into an outright orgy. Old people doing it on the stairs. A threesome. The aged gardner mounting the cat. Juvenile, yet entirely hilarious. It's the best thing you could do with this game - other than playing it.

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