Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Oh my goodness, I found the best video on the internet, y'all.

So I've been thinking a lot about Whitney lately, which in turn made me remember Me First and the Gimme Gimme's cover of "Where Do Broken Hearts Go". If you're in the mood for pop punk, their version still holds up. Which led me to this YouTube vid...

There's something about the pairing of these images with the song's lyrics that led me to laugh out loud several times. Sometimes they're clever. Sometimes they're stupid. And sometimes I have no idea what the videographer was thinking. But I do admire running the credits in the middle of the song. Way to decolonize how we think about credits. And I especially admire the images he chooses to represent the word "me" - the first time it's a tribal dancer or some sort, and the last time it shows some nerdy dude cuddling with a bear statue. Which one is the real him? I'd like to think they're both aspects of his clearly bizarre personality.

Which is your favorite lyric - picture pairing?

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