Jon Hammdsome?

Mad Men's return last night is an important event in my life. I fucking love that show. First, I love the social criticism of decades ago that actually subtly critiques today's society. Second, and more importantly, it is the ideal show for an armchair psychologist like myself. I love dissecting the characters' traits and flaws, which have all been carefully crafted. You don't have to like the characters to see how much thought has been put into it.

At our viewing party last night, the biggest hit was Megan serenading Don with the song "Zoobee Zoobee Zoo" (or in French, "Zou Bisou Bisou" - I had assumed it was nonsense initially). Gawker has a video of the fascinating awkwardness. Man, Megan has a nice set of… teeth. In celebration of this moment, my friends and I have now all agreed to take turns singing this song to each other on our respective birthdays.

One thing we don't all agree on (well, actually, everyone pretty much agrees on it except for me) is about Jon Hamm's attractiveness. I just don't get it, I honestly don't. That's not a "no homo" thing - I can give you a long list of men I find attractive, but Jon Hamm? Really?! I suppose my penchant for androgyny makes me disinterested in a guy like Don Draper who represents such a stereotypical manly man. No thank you.

Tonight I was at a sports bar where they were playing Bridesmaids (victory for women?) and the movie froze on this frame for several minutes.

I laughed and laughed. Are you telling me this is the man you all find incredibly handsome? Granted, it's just a split second and, to be fair, it's not Kristen Wiig's finest moment either (she looks toothless - show her how to do it, Megan), but come on. Y'all are just adding a fantasy on top of a fantasy to think Jon Hamm is as dreamy as you claim.

P.S. Bridesmaids might be even funnier with no sound and only captions to read. But maybe that's the beer talking.

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