Scrabble Serendipity

I play a lot of Scrabble, so I am often faced with a problem: play the funniest word or the highest scoring one. At Scrabble, I'm a competitor, so I'll generally go with which gets the most points, but sometimes I can't help but play a word like "TWATS" when a less raunchy word would have actually fared better. I pity the person who passes on "TWATS".

Occasionally, however, Scrabble Serendipity occurs.

Scrabble Serendipity: When the dirtiest word you can play is also the highest scoring.

My opponent left an open G on the board, and I took all of the tiles on my rack to form the word "SHITTING". Double word, fifty point bonus... dare I say it, nothing feels better than playing "SHITTING"... except for maybe just shitting.

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