Allison's Three Ingenious Plans to Obtain Alcohol

On the first night of my college reunion, everyone partied/drank to excess until unfathomable hours. By the second night, however, everyone was understandably exhausted, and headed to bed early. Well, everyone except for my friend circle. While we definitely didn't have the reputation of partiers in college, we pulled it together to be the last people standing.

At 2 AM, we were out of alcohol. It threatened to end our party, but Allison refused to give up. "I've got a plan!" Allison announced. "I know how we can get alcohol... I'm going to steal it."

I liked her plan, but then I asked her who she was going to steal from and how. It turned out that those details wound up being the difficult part of the plan. Finally, someone uncovered some forgotten alcohol and the party continued, without theft even!

Three hours, an Oasis sing-along, and plenty of pants-less dancing later, we found ourselves without alcohol again. As other people expressed an interest in going to bed, Allison proposed her second plan: "I got it! Let's go to a champagne brunch!"

It was another brilliant plan. Alas, it was 5 AM, and a champagne breakfast in the quaint town we were staying in was nothing but a dream. Unfortunately, her continued suggestion of finding one didn't make it any more of a reality.

By 5:30, Allison changed her tune with plan three: forget the champagne brunch, let's just buy some champagne. I asked her where we'd buy it, and Allison named the town's one liquor store. I pointed out the time, and she exasperatedly cried, "But the sun is coming up!" Yeah, liquor store owners! If the sun is starting to shine and you're not open yet, you're lazy!

Just before 6, everyone went to bed, except for Allison and Jef who were determined to obtain champagne one way or another. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but when I awoke a few hours later, I saw a large, half-consumed bottle of champagne sitting in the walkway, and I was proud.

Disregard that she was unable to function the next day. Allison proves that if you dream it and plan it, you can achieve it! A champagne toast to you, Allison!

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