Coldplay Has Jaundice

After years of being tricked, my friend Lena just had a pop culture myth I wasn't even aware of dispelled: Coldplay's song "Yellow" is not about jaundice.

The fabricated story Lena heard was that Chris Martin wrote "Yellow" about his mother who was dying of jaundice. Facts be damned, a part of me just wants to believe this myth anyway.

The funniest part is that "Yellow" is Lena's go-to karaoke song. Why she continued to sing a song she mistakenly believed to have such a depressing - and dare I say gross - meaning is a mystery to me. Clearly, she's seen the lyrics a bunch of times, so I also didn't understand how she didn't figure out it wasn't about jaundice on her own.

But then I looked at the lyrics. And holy shit, it could be about jaundice! The message is kind of like, "You're beautiful, despite being yellow and frail. But your skin pigmentation matches the stars, so keep fighting!"

I'm generally not a fan of propagating lies, but in this one instance, I'm going to give a Kevin Babbles stamp of approval to anyone who helps spread the Yellow Is About Jaundice rumor. Let's make this a thing!