90s Celebrity Masks

I said I probably wouldn't talk about my 90s themed birthday again. After the cops, projectile vomit, and frosting all over my house, the event seemed too embarrassing to even try to recount. But after everyone repeatedly assured me what a good time they had and Facebook photos started popping up, I think, despite all of the fall-out, I can still declare it a success.

The success is no small part due to Lena and Lisa's cooking (pizza bagels! pigs in a blanket! Lunchables!), as well as the homemade masks I made of 90s celebrities. While I didn't remember it happening, I'm pleased to see that the masks got a lot of play:

Not to make you feel bad, but when is the last time YOU had that many famous people at your birthday party?

Before we go, I want to show you my new favorite photo. First there's Brady in her gothic attire (as she dressed in her 90s), and then there's three Kevins: me, a Kevin shirt, and a Kevin mask on my head. We're stone-faced in spite of the frosting on our face/hair. Am I flattering myself in saying we could be the new American Gothic?

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