Happy Days?

Sunday, Monday: happy days. Tuesday: mourning day.

Tom Bosley is dead. I have an awesome story about a time I ate dinner with Tom Bosley, except that it didn't really happen.

I don't mean that I made up the story completely, although it would be fun to fabricate tales of special encounters I've had with celebrities when they die. This activity could also be called "living in Los Angeles."

My true-but-not story comes from a day when I volunteered at a charity celebrity golf tournament, collecting tickets at the tequila hole. At the end of the day, there was a large dinner buffet, which I opted to stay for in order to get a free meal. I sat at a corner table to stay out of the way of the the donors and celebrities, but then Tom Bosley* and the guy who stars as Hellboy asked if they could join my table.

Excitedly, I texted my Mom. "I'm eating dinner with the dad from Happy Days!" She commented back that she was surprised because Tom Bosley must be pretty old. Both Tom Bosley* and Hellboy were friendly, but I was thrown for a loop when he kept responding to "Dan" and spoke briefly about working on The Wonder Years. I sent a correction text to my mom saying that I was actually eating dinner with the dad from The Wonder Years. To which my mom replied, "Dan Lauria? I love him!"

So I guess Dan Lauria is more impressive. But as nice as it was to eat dinner with him, I wish it were actually Tom Bosley, because now I'll have never have a chance to catch dinner with him, unless there's an Arnold's in heaven.

Remind me to schedule brunch with the Fonz before it's too late!

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