Lucky Love

Lucky Love - Ace of Base

Remember when this song was the jam? Just kidding, it was never the jam, but only because America has no taste. So much #1 potential here. I say that as my high school’s Ace of Base fan club president.

That sounds like a joke, but it's not. In high school, Leener and I headed up an Ace of Base fan club. It was hardly "official" but we would show our support to the band by breaking into impromptu harmonies of "Don't Turn Around," particularly the line "She's the hunter, you're the fox." We had a few interested friends, and even more friends who wanted no part of it, but we counted them amongst our members anyway. Nothing big ever came of the club, though I did consider adding it to my college applications to pad my extracurriculars.

If America could have only one Swedish export, I’d still choose Ace of Base over Ikea even though that’d mean I’d no longer have a bed. Yup, I’d sleep on the floor for “Lucky Love.”

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