What's Your Favorite Ethnicity?


Laura said...

Is Ramon available?

Anonymous said...

For now, we rely on Jarak and hope Savous and Hyle get back in time. Dirt and grime smeared his skin, and his sleek hair was a knotted, tangled mess. He nodded, slid an arm about Irins shoulders, and led his truemate from the room. But the vetriese… Irin paused. He hadnt used that soothing tone for many nights. He pulled her into a hug. She shook her head. She grinned at Eyrhaen, smoothing a hand over the white patterns etched in Hyles chest. They had always done all they could for her, even when she was difficult. I…didnt realize until recently thats what Id done, but its true. Tykir had a warmer heart than that. Tykirs soft words stopped her. Thoughts rolled over one another in her head. Three sets of eyes focused on her as Tykirs cock hovered at her pussy. Tykir shook and shattered, eyes closing on a heartshattering moan. She collapsed into a gooey, shuddering heap. He tilted his face back up toward her. But the look on your face tells me theres more. Sex is one thing —which he very well knew— actual children is another. I havent the time nor the inclination to come up with a spell just now.