A Big Night of Television

Last night was a big night for me!
And by a big night, I mean that I watched a lot of television.

First of all, Lost was on, and I found myself really caring finally. They brought the numbers back! Who knew I would be this excited to finally get an answer?! Or, well, a semi-answer shrouded in more mystery, but I'll take it! I made the following comic in honor of what should have happened last night:

I'm kidding, I love Rose. But if body-snatched Locke were also alternative universe Locke, he would have had more choice words rather than an epiphany.

Then there was men's figure skating. Katie, bless her heart, asked when one guy started his performance: "Is he the flamboyant one?" "Odds are..." I responded. She must not be too familiar with the sport.

Meanwhile, after seeing a commercial during Lost, I stayed up to watch Jimmy Kimmel for the first time in my life to watch Sade perform. I was hoping for an interview too, but no dice. I can't get over how sexy Sade's voice is, and I really enjoy her new song, "Soldier of Love."

Sexy, huh? I was only half kidding when I tweeted this recently:

Oh, yeah, I broke down and joined Twitter. Follow me if you're so inclined. More importantly, follow Sade. She is heaven-sent.

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