I watched a lot of TV yesterday. It sounds sad, but it was actually social, as I had a couple of friends watching rugby/Olympics with me. If I had just been watching television by myself, I'd call that a weekday. I don't have too much to say about the sports (shut up), but three commercials did catch my eye.

Does no one else find this obscene? This is obscene! THESE ARE BEARS WITH TOILET PAPER STUCK TO THEIR BUTTS. How does this get past the censors? Someone told me that Charmin has used this campaign "for years," but I don't know how I've missed this.

Plus, is this a real life problem? For people, I mean. I've bought some cheap toilet paper in my day, and none has ever gotten stuck to my butt. (I might have to ask someone to peek to confirm.) If this is something that happens to you, let me know, but let me know anonymously so that I don't judge you.

Am I sending a letter of complaint? Does a bear shit in the woods? APPARENTLY.

This ad is kind of cute; pointing out that everyone drinks cola is a nice way of stopping short of "ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US." Still, I find it funny that "BFFs" can be the same bottles of coke...

"Frienemies" can be the same bottles of coke...

But then they go out of their way to make "Lovers" be two different types of bottles.

Coke hates gay people. I'm not saying, I'm just saying. Memba I toldja.

Pets are the new Somalian children.

I know a lot of people (read: lesbians) are excited for the Lilith Fair reunion, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be fucking depressing.

Friend: "$18 a month? Can I find someone to pay me $18 a month not to beat my dog?"


KirstB said...

i shared the charmin ad with with my roommate. he says its a major issue. apparently its, um, a hair thing.
so i guess the whole bear thing adds up, eww, but still obscene.

Ted said...

That Sarah McLachlan ad is one of my least favorite ads of all time. I also wonder what they did to make all those animals look so sad. In the donate to third world children ads, the photographers take the little kids away from their moms, so the kids start to cry, and then they snap the picture. It sounds fucked up but it's actually really funny. It's only for like thirty seconds and all the moms just stand around and laugh at their crying children.

That still sounds fucked up. But I swear it isn't.