My Celebrity Doppelgangers

On Facebook this week, the trend is for people to change their profile pictures to a picture of their celebrity look-alike. Some of my friends have done an admirable job of finding their doppelgangers, while others need to quit flattering themselves.

Even if I were inclined to play along, I don't think I could. No one has ever told me that I looked like someone. Well, there was that student who thought I was Dan from the Del Taco commercials and tried to give me hugs and money, but he was legitimately crazy, so I'm not going to count that.

Nevertheless, I was curious to see if there is some celebrity that comes close to me in appearance, so I did a search and found this website which allows you to upload photos of yourself. From there, it claims to scan your face and compare it to a celebrity database to find your best match.

I submitted this photo first:
And it had the gall to tell me it "couldn't find" my face in the picture! Granted, I'm hiding behind a table and making an expression that no face should, but that doesn't mean I don't have a face!

Fair enough, I thought, I'll give it one more shot with a more straight forward picture.

My #1 match was Cillian Murphy. Who? He's cute, though, so even though I don't see the resemblance, I'm going to pretend I do. Other than that, I apparently also look like Julie Andrews with a headdress, unknown Asian guy, Steven Seagal, and Kate Winslet. Okay, all of those are really funny, so I decided to try another photo to see if I got the same way-off results.
On the first one, I found it interesting that the software couldn't even discern my gender, but this time, it seems quite confident that I must be a women. And possibly black. Oh, to live the life of Raven Symone!

What about if I used a picture of me smooshing?

Well that looks about right. And how about if I use a picture of me daring to put off-brand gel manufactured in 1983 in my hair?
Billy Bob, Prince Harry, Molly Ringwald, and Liberace. If all of them had a love child (and I'm sure they've tried!) that would pretty much be me, right?

As fun as this experiment was, it clearly is faulty. It never "matched" me with a single celebrity more than once, showing how inconclusive it is. My highest percentage match appears to be Judy Garland. Eat your heart out, Liberace.

What do you think? Do I look like any of these celebrities? What preposterous celebrities does it suggest you look like?


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Susan said...

Haha--the software isn't actually that bad. I get the same celebrity (and usually the same top three) every time. Did your mom write that first comment?

I was waiting for someone to post Danny DeVito or Roseanne Barr or someone as a facebook doppelganger. There seem to be way too many Matt Damons around. Oh, and why would one think "shadowy double"= celebrity. I mean isn't it highly unlikely that the celebrity is the one who is both in the shadows and stalking the other person?

Susan said...

PS--Every time I open your blog, even using different browsers, it takes a million years and sometimes freezes.