Wine Connoisseur

My friend Dewayne hosted a wine tasting party and took it very seriously. He conducted exhaustive research, then bought a variety of wines. The main event of the evening was a taste test of about ten selections. I tried most of them, but admittedly could not much discern between a twenty and fifty dollar bottle. On a side table, Dewayne set up about a dozen additional bottles of wine that were not being used in the "official" tasting, but were available to sample some extra kinds. I tried a few and found myself actually enjoying one that had a picture of a playing card on the label. I liked it so much that I poured myself a second glass of it, even.

Later, Dewayne inquired which wine I had liked best throughout the night. I explained that it hadn't been one from the tasting, but a bottle from the bonus table. When I pointed out the playing card wine, Dewayne laughed.

"What's funny?" I asked.
"You're joking with me," Dewayne said.
"No - wait - why?"
"That's really your favorite kind?"
"I think so, but I'm no expert."
"Dude, that's from the ninety-nine cent store."

Apparently, when Dewayne was picking up some napkins at the 99 Cent store, he noticed a few bottles of wine on the shelves, so he decided to bring one home as a joke. As a joke. There were bottles as expensive as $60, but I managed to find the cheapest bottle in the whole place and declare it my favorite. In a way, it's a relief to not have a taste so refined that I can't afford it, but it's not like I could even regularly buy that wine since it was an overstock item, not a name brand.

Two buck chuck? Evidently, that's a little pricey for my taste!

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Laura McEwan said...

You mean, Charles Shaw, via Trader Joes? It's an award winning wine. :)