Angela Lansbury, Sex Icon

I once had a roommate who had a legitimate crush on Angela Lansbury. I never knew how to make sense of this, because she's pretty old and not particularly attractive in my opinion, but if the voice of a teapot does it for you, who am I to judge?

This past weekend, Priscilla gave Lindsay a photography book of famous Divas. The cover art was mesmerizing - just look at Lansbury do that high kick!

Maybe she's a sexier woman than I gave her credit for. I guess I've always just associated Lansbury with my grandparents since Murder She Wrote is their favorite television show of all time. I love a good whodunnit, but the premise is a bit funny. Lansbury plays Jessica Fletcher, a writer, not a detective, yet she just happens upon a murder on a weekly basis. If I were one of her friends, I'd think twice about spending much time with her.

Since Fletcher lives in a small Maine town called Cabot Cove, I wondered how absurd the murder statistics there must be. Fortunately, James Barron of The New York Times did my research for me: over the course of the show, a full 2% of the town's 3,560 (and dropping) residents were killed. That's not even factoring in murders of people who just happened to be visiting the area; apparently those figures are even more alarming. It's a wonder that the tourism held up as well as it did. For some perspective, generally in Maine, a town of that size averages about one homicide a decade.

To get back on topic, maybe people were dying all around her because Lansbury is so drop-dead gorgeous. It's a thought anyway. In spite of her surprisingly nice legs, I'm not yet on the Lansbury-Sex-Goddess train, but if you are you just might love this next video. It's a clip of Lansbury naked in a bathtub while rubbing herself and describing the sexuality of mature women. I kid you not, so viewer beware! If she's not your thing, you might want to just skip the video or else you'll find yourself contemplating Suicide, She Wrote.


Madeleine said...

i've watched that video two times already.

Anonymous said...

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