Diversify Your Work Force

I want my friend Heather to come visit, but she is "too busy" working for a major corporation in the diversity department.

K: Why won't you come to CA? There's a lot of diversity here that you should probably check out. Have you ever met a Mexican?
H: What are Mexicans? I'm getting slightly sick of diversity. It's such bullshit.
K: Well, we can hang out with mostly white people if that makes you more comfortable.
H: It's just that no one really cares. Well, some people do, but most people just want to say they're doing good things for black people.
K: Your company should just get in the business of reparations. That'll fix everything.
H: Actually, my company is mostly fine... It's frustrating because everyone in charge doesn't want to make real changes because there is no business justification.
K: Use a powerpoint. That'll show em. First slide: "Once you go black, you'll never go back." Applause applause applause, world changed, yadda yadda yadda.
H: You should come and work here!
K: I'm saying! Just cut and paste this chat in an email as my cover letter and send it straight to the boss and HR. But change my name to something Lopez.
H: Right, they can't know I am friends with white people.

Employment, here I come!

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