Childhood Art

Here's a picture that I found that I had drawn as a child:
At first I was couldn't determine a context or why I would draw such a thing, but after a short study I figured it out: These are illustrations for a calendar.

The first man is a New Year's Baby, if his sash weren't enough of an indication. I didn't know anything of alcohol at that point - how you spell it or how you hold it (maybe it's difficult for a grown, naked man with only four fingers). He's hairy and gross, but I probably found that funny at the time.

The middle lady is an African American seemingly floating in the air. With her peace sign and hippie appearance, she must be one of those Martin Luther King Jr. supporters who believes in equality and other such nonsense.

The last man claims to be Dan Rathers, but he is wearing an awful jacket (vest?) and the world's most misshapen necktie. I'm not sure if he is acting as the gopher or why he is standing in the hole, but we do see Dan's shadow, so I guess that means six more weeks of bad art.

Unfortunately, I didn't complete six more weeks of illustration, at least not that I was able to find. Of course, there's no reason I couldn't resume this project. Let me know if you want to commission some calendar art from me. Sorry horn-balls - the New Year's Baby is as beef-cakey as I'm willing to go.