Face Lifting by Exercise

I found this book at Goodwill and was understandably intrigued.

Though my initial impulse was to poke fun at it – unlike most people, my urge to mock outweighs my hunger and sex drive – I started to wonder if maybe it weren’t the craziest notion that I’ve ever encountered. After all, people can avoid plastic surgery like liposuction by good old-fashioned exercise, so why not exercise your facial muscles?

The black-and-white instructional photos in the book seemed archaic, so I conducted a search to see if I could find any modern video that gives an example of “face lifting by exercise.” Here is the first result. I’m not sure anyone would call the 80s “modern,” but don’t let that stop you from checking out what this lady’s bizarre workout.

I’ve changed my mind – it IS the craziest notion I’ve ever encountered. Mock away! (Except her hair. That is some beautiful hair.)

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