Photo Booth Phun

One of my favorite things at Jocelyn & Ben's wedding was the photo booth at the reception. It was a fun diversion for the guests and provides some amazing keepsake photos.

I love Erika's narrative.
So much fun!
With some quick maneuvering, everyone has facial hair.
And once Jocelyn leaves for her honeymoon, Erika tries on her dress. Shh!
Even the lady paid to pour wine slipped in for some fun.
But this one is my absolute favorite. I've been told I make good, animated facial expressions, and seeing this spread, I actually believe it.
1. Sexy but earnest
2. Surprised
3. Picking my nose with my hook, yet still maintaining eye contact
And 4... Keeping a smile in spite of the pain.

No really, the key to the fourth photo is the close-up. Stephanie suggested, "Let's kiss Kevin," which sounded great in my book, so I flashed a huge smile and then Jenna decided to elevate the photo to the next level and chomp on my cheek. Can you see how much of my skin is between her teeth?!
It was a few seconds between the pose/bite and the camera's flash, but I stayed committed to the happy expression, because that's what a professional, dedicated model I am. After the flash, however, I yelped in pain and pushed her. But I'll be damned if I wasn't going to pull out a good photo first.

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