Mr. Yoko Ono

Priscilla: I made you a mix CD.
Eric: (pretending) Oh, it's the Starbucks collection! It has all my favorite artists: John Legend... John Mayer... John Mellencamp.... uh...
Corey: Jon Bon Jovi.
Kevin: Johnny Rzeznik from the Goo Goo Dolls. He'd be on there.
Erica: Oh come on, there's a lot more singers named John. Like how about John Lennon?
Kevin: John Lennon? Who's that?
Adrian: Any relation to Julian Lennon?
Kevin: He's not that guy that ruined Yoko Ono, is he?
Eric: Yeah, I think he broke up the Plastic Ono Band.
Adrian: Ugh, he's awful.
Kevin: Someone should shoot him.

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