Orphaned on Halloween

Yesterday, I posted a Halloween costume from the past, but now it's time to look at this year's costume. I enjoyed going as a popular movie character last year, so I decided to stick with the theme. (Fun fact: My roommate and I both dressed as Michael Cera in Juno last year and that was before we had ever met. We had had a discussion about wearing our tiny gold shorts at the same time, yet we failed to discuss the reason we both owned tiny gold shorts in the first place.) This year, I feel there was no "better" (assuming the word "better" is fairly meaningless) movie than Orphan. If you recall, I lovvvvveee Orphan, as it is a special, special film.

I bought a plaid jumper, wore ribbons in all the right places, trimmed vampire fangs to create a set of veneers, put on yarn pigtails, and carried around a bloody nun-bashing hammer. While people said it turned out great, I wasn't as confident with it so I also put a picture of who I was on my chest. At the party, a few people heckled me for "cheating" by making it obvious who I was. One mermaid told me that it took away the fun of mingling with strangers about who or what I was. Guilty as charged: I really didn't care to chat with strangers about what my costume was, that picture was supposed to ward mermaids like her away.

Some of my favorite costumes belong to Clare and Dan who were an ear of corn and Wooly Willy, the old toy with movable magnetic facial hair, respectably. Homemade and creative!

My two favorite exchanges at the party:

1) Allison: I like your snake costume.
Daniel: I'm not a snake, I'm a dinosaur!
Allison: All right, it's a mediocre snake costume, but a great dinosaur costume.

2) Eric: What are you dressed up as, Steve Urkel?
Paul: Uh, no, I didn't wear a costume.

To Paul's credit, he didn't look anything like Urkel so I'm not sure where that interpretation came from, but that was amazingly awkward!

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