Ostrich Enchilada

I ate ostrich tonight. An ostrich enchilada, to be exact. When you live in Southern California, you're bound to eat Mexican food at least twice a week, so I took the opportunity to mix it up and have a new twist on an old classic.

One of my friends asked if I was an adventurous eater, which is not the case - I'm definitely pickier than most.

Another friend asked if it tasted like chicken and although that's a cliche question, I have to say it sort of did. Maybe a bit more like turkey. It tasted like a bird at any rate, which makes complete sense.

A third friend asked why I ordered ostrich. I think what it ultimately boiled down to is that I was asserting my dominance on the food chain. That's just one more of God's creatures that I have destroyed by devouring. Besides, ostriches had it coming: they don't fly, their eggs are too large for one person to eat, and they spend their days with their heads underground. Maybe if they weren't so lame, I'd give them a pass. As it is, they deserve little more than to be eaten.

Please do not send this link to PETA.


Jenna Rossity said...

LOL! wish I could have tried some.

Had to correct you, however. Despite the myth, Ostrich`s rarely stick their heads in the ground. however, i WILL agree. they had it coming.

Did you know, their eye is twice the size of their brain?

Just goes to show. (:

Kim said...

I want to hear about your karaoke/feminist art show with vaginas! Or am I mixing things up? I just know that you trumped the Sisters Stuart with your weekend activities.

Kevin said...

Jenna - thanks for the ostrich fun facts. That makes eating them even easier.

Kim - I promise a post on the horrific art show soon, hopefully tomorrow. I just need some quality time to write it all down and force myself to relive all of that. Also, it wasn't feminist, it was just grotesque.

The karaoke was separate and went normally, so I probably will not post on that.

Anonymous said...

lol, big teath

Xplosiv said...

I don't know what you ate, but ostrich is a red meat and tastes very much like beef. If you tasted bird it was because a) it was some sort of bird being passed off as ostrich or b) you had such a preconceived idea about ostrich that you convinced yourself it tasted of bird.
Next time try ostrich steak and don't kill it with too much sauce...