A Sweater for Every Occasion

I attended a party tonight where we were encouraged to wear ugly Christmas sweaters, and, not that there were "winners", but my beautiful friend Dani totally won. 

It's a convenient sweater for every holiday. Easter, Halloween, Fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas… sure you could have a sweater for each of those occasions, or you could just save closet space by putting all of them on one garment. She said she stole it from her elementary school teacher mom (makes sense, right?), and if there's one big reason why I would return to the teaching profession, it might be for the tacky teacher outfits.

I also have to give her credit for that Christmas tree hat which was for sale at the supermarket. She said she had to choose between buying food or the hat, but I think it was a smart decision considering I can't stop feasting my eyes on that tasty knit cap.

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Anonymous said...

Let me take this opportunity to side with Alex and rebut every blog post until you ADMIT that he was right about Magic Mike.