Harry's Pizza

My dad and I went to get a table at a local restaurant, but there was a 40 minute wait, so he called my mom to suggest we go to "Harry's Pizza" instead. That'd be great, except that we didn't wind up at Harry's Pizza.

Kevin: This is Joe Pizza.
Dad : I know, I always say the wrong name.
Kevin: So we should call mom back.
Dad: No.
Kevin: How else is she going to know to come here?
Dad: She knows I meant here.
Kevin: How does she know that?
Dad: I always mix up the names. She knows I always say "Harry's Pizza" when I mean "Joe Pizza". 
Kevin: So we shouldn't call just to make sure?
Dad: No.
Kevin: Is there actually a Harry's Pizza, though?
D: Yes.
Kevin: But you're sure she won't go to the real Harry's Pizza?  
D: Yes.

Just because he ended up being right doesn't make it any less crazy, as far as I'm concerned. That's 30+ years of marriage for you, I guess.

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