Go and Eat a Turnip, Eurovision 2010

Yes, this is another Eurovision post. I can't help it, I love Eurovision. If "Gangnam Style" can catch on so big in the States, I have hope that they can transfer that same love to the ridiculousness of Eurovision, too. Plus, I'd feel a lot better if you were laughing at silly white people instead of the Korean guy because I suspect that a lot of "Gangnam Style"'s American appeal lies in racial stereotypes of how we view Asians.

So yeah, laugh at these wacky Europeans instead! I went back and watched the entries from the year 2010 and picked the ten most amusing. Oh they make me laugh, especially the last few. Most of these songs made the finals, too!

The biggest kick I get out of posting these videos on YouTube are the inevitable angry comments left by Europeans. Many of them - or, you know, those who are searching for the songs on YouTube - take Eurovision very seriously and don't have a sense of humor about these cruddy pop songs. 

For my 2012 video, the "dislike" votes outnumber the likes 4:1. The majority of the comments said "[X Country]'s song is not ridiculous!" But some ventured from the standard gripe, here are my 5 favorite:

5. "They are great and everybody should respect them." - MoonFighter456
4. "I think Eurovision is AWSOME ! Beautiful people expressing themselves in a beautiful way ! … it's not easy to perform on stage, in front of the whole of Europe ." - blackforestmozart
3. "So someone hasn't cottoned onto the fact the eurovision is kinda taken with a pinch of salt in Europe… and half those songs are actually pretty good." - tylerwhyde (He had me until the second part)
2. "I knew before watching that I gonna click dislike." - wantwatchvideo
1. "Oh please… the ESC has its lesser moments, but it's a good musical contest, and if you don't like it mr. kevinbabbles from the US (?), go and eat a turnip!" - Bogdy BBA

GO AND EAT A TURNIP! That is my new favorite insult hurled at me ever. You can be sure I'm going to start saying it to people I know in a moment of frustration. It's almost as ridiculous as the songs themselves. Almost.

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Susan said...

You're probably right about why many people like "Gagnam Style," but, seriously, that video is kind of brilliant. A lot of my students appreciate its complexity, but I guess they're not typical...I think a lot of the parody videos also "get it" (at least the military academy ones), or at least are parodying themselves (especially their intrinsic latent homoeroticism) rather than Asians.