All Dykes Go to Heaven

Guys, I've been an awful blogger lately. I haven't been keeping up. It's not that there haven't been things to write about, I've just lacked the motivation.

But the lady pictured above has revived my inspiration. Tonight, we realized that it was the three year anniversary of Crazy, Toothless Dykes "death."

One day she was just a gummy, unstable woman with a liquor hat obliviously trying to find a boyfriend at a lesbian bar. And the next day she was killed! By me! Figuratively! 

Anyway, Crazy, Toothless Dyke is proof that life is short. And I need to be documenting my short life by blogging more. I'm sure Crazy, Toothless Dyke would want to read this blog were she still with us… or literate, for that matter.

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