Welcome to the O.C., Bitch

So Luke from The O.C. lives in my neighborhood. I know this because I see him all the time, more than some of my own friends, in fact. He's always at this one bar I go to. And I've seen him at the other local bar, too. And tonight while standing in line for tacos. 

I'm not trying to brag, but it's a pretty big deal since he's still a working actor. Recently, he's appeared in the TV movie Beauty & the Briefcase. And another TV movie Deadly Honeymoon. And the upcoming TV movie A Christmas Wedding. Plus he was in the movie Into the Blue 2, which maybe you've seen in theaters. (You haven't, it went straight to DVD.) Joking aside, you can actually see him in theaters. Or, well, I can anyway, as I literally see him at the local theater two blocks away.

Every time I see him, I am overcome with the urge to kick him and scream "Welcome to the O.C., bitch!" I know it's a cliche and something strangers probably quote to him on a regular basis, but I still think it would be satisfying. But maybe instead of saying "the O.C.", I could welcome him to my neighborhood, as we are neighbors after all. I'd still kick him, though.

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