Resolute Resolutions

So I had a lot of New Year's resolutions, too many to even list, actually. Basically it boils down to BE BETTER AT EVERYTHING. That may be unrealistic, but why would you not resolve to strive for that? You want to regress? If you're not about self-improvement, you might as well kill yourself.

I want to be a better me - and I know I can be a better me. I say that as someone with very little self-confidence, which speaks to the state of my life right now. But onward and upward! 2011! 2011 is my year. I know this because eleven is my lucky number as it is both a palindrome and rhymes with my name.

My go-get-em attitude was thwarted on the first day when I barely left bed due to a hangover. As much as that is my fault, it's also not my fault, because the night before I went to a party and was greeted warmly by a woman. I recognized her, but had to ask, "Sorry, how do I know you?" To which she responded, "We met at the Lost finale when you lost your pants!" As you can see, I had no choice but to hit the booze to cope with that moment.

So yeah, I lost most of New Year's Day. But I cut myself slack since it was a holiday and holidays are meant for relaxation. Therefore, my be-better-at-everything resolution starts now! 2011 is my year! Better hang out with me now before I'm so much better that I'll be too good to associate with you. You've been warned.

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