"Cleaning pee off the WALLS"

I had hoped this would be ripe for PassiveAggressiveNotes.com, but I guess they consider it not easily legible enough. Still, I think it's too funny not to share with the masses, even though my mother has branded it "disturbing."

My parents own a time share in Vermont. Each unit has its own guestbook where visitors typically write boring variations on how much they enjoyed their stay, where they dined, and what the weather was like. One recent entry, however, included a passive aggressive rant by someone who I can only assume is one of the understandably upset housekeepers trying to pass herself off as a guest. While I'm sure the gopher reference was meant to end the passage on a positive note, it was hardly enough to shake the image of urine-covered walls and littered condoms, particularly for my mother who attempted to touch everything as little as possible for the remainder of our stay.

Here is the note typed so you don't have to struggle with the handwriting:
This is Tsuki here. Hope you enjoy the mountain scenery. Be nice to the house-keepers, they're so nice. Even if they look miserable, it's only because people look down on them just because of their jobs. Tip them and make their day, at least. They would appreciate it, especially after dealing with spraying + cleaning pee off the WALLS of the bathrooms for a half an hour. They shouldn't have to deal with people's food, condoms, and other trash all over the floor either. They're to clean and make the place pretty, not clean after lazy people's stuff that they could have cleaned themselves because it's RESPECTFUL. And some people have to do this for a living, so it's hard enough as it is.

Thank you, I enjoyed my stay. The family of gophers are so cute and I loved downtown Stowe and Topnotch.


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