"Badminton Is a Water Sport"

I'm a fan of badminton. It's outdoors, it's "exercise" without actually being strenuous, the sound the birdie makes as it bounces off the racquet is enjoyably cartoonish, and the word "shuttlecock" is so funny that you should get a bonus point for saying it without giggling.

While I could play badminton all day/every day, sports broadcaster Mary Carillo sees the activity differently. As a former tennis pro, she might have some built up resentment toward badminton for being tennis' bastardized cousin. Check out this segment televised during the 2004 Olympics. Carillo begins innocently enough, but then after a minute, she falls into a psychotic diatribe about badminton. Her blood pressure must have risen off the charts; I don't think this relaxing backyard activity should be so stressful.

I first watched this clip with Jocelyn and Ben and we had to watch it again immediately. Since the two are actors, I suggested that they use her rant as a monologue for their next audition. They agreed that it would be a good idea considering it exhibits comedy, tragedy, as well as a wide emotional (if not mental) range.

"It's always Christopher Burr!"


Ted said...

I think this is a conspiracy! She is way to well-spoken for this not to be written beforehand.

Kevin said...

My theory is that the badminton start was delayed or something and the network asked her to fill time. No way they'd let her ramble like that if she didn't have to. If you look at it as an improvisation (and a dark comedy?) it's really not that bad. Hard to know what was going on there without the context.