The Face of Obesity

I had 1.69 lbs. of ground beef just past its "best if used by" date and decided to make myself a giant hamburger. McDonalds sells Pound-and-a-Halfers, right?

Sure, it may seem like a submission for This Is Why You're Fat, but I skipped the bun (ew, carbs) and added some bagged salad, so it's practically healthy.

I intended to make a smily face with the ketchup, but made a last minute switch when I realized it would be more appropriate to draw the facial expression of someone undergoing cardiac arrest.

Once I've been admitted to a hospital midway through my meal, I promise to post my room number so you can send get well cards.

At least I finally have an appropriate writing sample for the next time I see an application to become a food blogger.

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I really, really, really like this blog.