Cleavage Shots

"One of the funniest things on [the internet] is how girls post photos of themselves where their cleavage supposedly isn’t the focal point, but it obviously is.

You know where it’s like oh hey this is me and my new (insert new thing)! Or this is me making a funny face!

What? My boobs are hanging out of my shirt? Oh gosh, thanks for pointing that out. I totally didn’t notice that when I chose the photo from the 7 I just took."
Those are some wise words, DBizzle, but shhh. The deal is that you pretend not to notice, and then we pretend not to look. In the meantime, NEVER STOP BEING YOU, LADIES.

On an entirely unrelated note, I keep meaning to show y'all a photo of my old sneakers.
Well, there you go. Damn that Michael Cera/Paulie Bleeker costume was problematic.

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