This Just Might Be My Most Concise Blog Title That I Have Ever, in My History of Blogging, Created

Kevin: The funny thing is, even though I'm supposed to give her extra time, she doesn't write that much. She's usually done way faster than the others. That's not to say it's bad, it's often thoughtful, it just tends to be concise.
Michael Michael: Being concise is hard. I didn't learn how to do that until my senior year of high school.
Kevin: I still don't know how to be concise! If I'm going to write something good, it's going to be long. It's like I don't know how to make a point without being very wordy and describing it in great detail. The more I say, the better I feel about it and the more I want to elaborate about it... (noticing Michael Michael's eyes starting to glaze over)... kind of like I'm doing right now.

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