Teaching stresses me out. I dream about having to be responsible and disciplining constantly. On Saturday night, after trying to teach Bosco the nuances of fetch only to find he'd prefer to lick my crotch, I started passing out on the kitchen floor. Appropriately, Michael Michael coaxed me into bed. I'm not exactly sure what I proceeded to dream about, but a few hours later in some hazy daze, I recall calling Michael Michael on his cell phone, inquiring about the whereabouts of a student. I was panicking, and said I knew where Michael Michael and Preston were, but where was the "other one?" Naturally, Michael Michael was confused, and told me that he thought everything was fine. "But he left me a note" I insisted. Michael Michael said it was okay and to go back to bed. Even in my semiconscious state, I started to pick up on his slightly amused tone and that he was merely appeasing me. Embarrassed, I hung up. For the life of me, I couldn't figure out what I had been talking about, so I went back to sleep.

You've all heard of sleep talking. You've all heard of drunk dialing. But that, folks, might be one of the first recorded cases of sleep dialing.

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