"I Found It on My Pants"

After some initial resistance, I am proud to announce that I have gotten my housemates into Arrested Development. In all honesty, I find it very hard to respect anyone who "doesn't get" the show: it's the type of thing that could be a friendship breaker for me. Fortunately, I let the show speak for itself, and it seems to have won everyone over. I make daily references to Arrested Development, and it's sucked having no one understand them. (In summer school, I had a bit of a problem with hormonal teens touching one another, so each time I observed such an incident, I'd slam on something and yell, "NO TOUCHING!" They found it amusing, but the reference totally went over their head.) But now that Michael Michael has gotten through the first two seasons, he's spitting them out even better than me. My life is twice as good now that I have someone to trade lines with regularly.

After coming home from a bar last night (yes, we seem to be doing that a lot lately), Jessica and I were ready to go to bed, but Michael Michael was ready for some Arrested Development, pouring me a drink from Right-On to entice me to stay up. As Michael Michael was discovering, the only thing better than watching an episode of Arrested Development is watching an episode of Arrested Development a second time because than you not only get to enjoy all the jokes that you missed the first time around, but laugh wildly in anticipation of the big cleverly crafted comedic climaxes. (That alliteration was not intentional, but a pleasant surprise.) It's pure joy to watch Michael Michael convulse in laughter at jokes that haven't even happened yet; meanwhile, I convulse just enough to repeatedly spill my drink on my shirt, which my friends also found to be quite hilarious. Not appreciating their lack of support, I switched to a Kohoutek shirt so that if I were to spill on myself again, it would be at the expense of the music festival Michael Michael headed at college. That shut him up.

It's important to note that Jessica was, um, "worldly" again. Mid-show, I heard Jessica spit and watched her pull a black piece of plastic out of her mouth. "What is this I tried to eat?" she said angrily. After I gave her a puzzled look, she tried to explain, "I found it on my pants," as if that would justify trying to eat it. (I'm not actually judgmental of this action as that would make me a hypocrite, but it puzzled me that other people would do it as well.) Embarrassed, Jessica stood up to walk away and then spotted what she was looking for: chip crumbs on the couch cushions (more incidental alliteration). She promptly gobbled them up. Okay - that may have been better than an episode of Arrested Development.

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