Okay, Fine, I'm 30

I turned 30 today, and I'm okay. I know people are concerned after my previous post, but I'll be fine. Things aren't going entirely to plan, but when does it ever? I hung out with a lot of people who are over 30 tonight, and none of them seem "old", so that helps put things in perspective. I'm not much different, I'm just a little closer to death… and sometimes that doesn't seem like a bad thing!

Last night, I tried to come to terms with the major transition and posted a question to Facebook: "Quick, what's something you can only do in your 20s? I only have a few hours left." The answers were pretty intriguing… to ME anyway:

  • I don't think I have it in me to go to a lesbian karaoke bar every week. Or get harassed by cops when they catch us drinking 40s in a park after hours.
  • I've never spray tanned, but I've tried a tanning bed with poor results. 
  • I now learned the word "koan", so that's something. 
  • Telling people I'm in my 20s was probably the most reasonable suggestion that had me going "duh." Good answer. 
  • I've done some variation on the pants pooping thing, sadly. But I was 20, not like late or even mid 20s, thankyouverymuch. 
  • Amber might not remember, but she did put a reddish tint in my hair once as a teen, and my mom freaked out. Maybe I can get away with that in my 40s. 
  • Does 30 really mean my horse fucking days are over?! 
  • I still always THINK I can hang with young 20-somethings… until I actually do and I'm like "oh no, this is not working."
  • Considering that last post, I don't know that "writing with self pity and angst" is over.
  • I have beer with Luie every week, so he's being a knucklehead. 
  • The injury thing is already true!
  • I don't have it in me to party like I used to. Or not feel bad the next day. Mainly my body won't even let me drink too much anymore in the knowledge that I don't want to feel bad the next day. 

Mostly, it served as a reminder that my 20s were already over. I mentally checked out of that shit a while ago. I might have been clinging to 29 as a number… but as a lifestyle. Nahhhh. Well, except for this weekend. I'm throwing an R. Kelly themed birthday party this Saturday. It's gonna be filthy. Come!

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